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What is is a very simple web service based on an equally simple idea: sometimes we want to buy something online but we don't know exactly what. Whether it's a gift for someone else or retail therapy for ourselves, we're limited by the stores we know and the recommendations they give us. is different. It's not an online store. It simply takes you to one of countless different online shops at random and helps you find what you didn't know you were looking for. Simple as that.



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Just click Take me to a shop and you'll be instantly transported to a random e-store somewhere on the Web where you can treat yourself or find great gift ideas for a loved one. If what you see isn't to your liking, simply close the online shop tab or window and click again to go somewhere else. It couldn't be easier.
You can also use to promote a store you own or just like using. When you click Add a shop you'll be taken to a new page where you just need to enter the shop's website address, click Buy Now and then fill in the payment details. Your website will then be added to's list so shoppers can discover your store.




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How can online shoppers use is a free, simple web service that helps you find better things to buy online, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. When you select Take me to a shop you'll be randomly transported to any one of the countless online shops has stored. Once there, you'll be able to stay, browse what's on offer and maybe buy something. If the store you're taken to isn't to your taste, simply close the browser window or tab and click Take me to a shop again on the homepage. You can keep on doing this for as long as you wish until you discover a store you like.

How can shop owners/promoters benefit?

If you wish to promote a site by adding it to so that others can discover it, you can. Simply select Add a shop, enter the web address then click Buy Now and fill out the required information including the number of entries you want (remember the more entries, the more likely it is to be discovered). Once this is done the e-store you love will be added to for others to discover.

Note: There is a standard fee of USD $4.99 for each entry.

Why does it cost to add a shop? is free to use for shoppers but does cost a small one-off fee for shop promoters. This fee helps prevent spammers from flooding with dodgy site submissions and is's sole source of income.

This small fee is a great deal for shop promoters. An entry on costs significantly less than a neighbourhood leaflet drop and is a lot more effective because it redirects shoppers from all over the world straight to a store where they can actually make a purchase. In many cases just a single purchase from a user will pay for the cost of adding a shop to in the first place and every purchase after this is extra profit for the shop owner.

Why do I see certain sites and not others? uses the simplest technique of all - randomness. Each site sends you to has been randomly selected from its list of shopping websites. Unlike other places, there is no tracking of your browsing habits and there are no complex algorithms that show you content they predict that you may like. Instead, everything is selected at random to ensure that, one, your privacy is respected and, two, you get to see some truly fresh ideas.

Aren't I better off the sooner I add my shop?

Absolutely. The sooner you add a shop to the more likely it is for a visitor to discover it because there are fewer shops for to randomly pick from. You can improve the likelihood of your site being selected at any stage though by simply adding it again to's list by clicking Add a shop and entering the same web address initially used then clicking Buy Now and following the usual process, including entering the number of entries (quantity) you would like to add.

While it is still advised that shop promoters periodically re-add their shops to maintain the likelihood of their sites being selected, more people adding sites to generally means there are more people using it so the number of people who will happen to come across your site is increased all the same. That's good news for the shop you are trying to promote.

Why have I not come across the shop I added?

Remember, chooses an online store randomly from its list so it might take some time for you to come across a shop website you have added to it if you are browsing randomly through shops yourself. Many customers though have likely already been (and may currently be) redirected by to your site. If, however, you wish to improve the likelihood of your site being selected, again, simply submit a number of additional entries by clicking Add a shop entering the same web address initially submitted then selecting Buy Now and following the on-screen instructions, making sure to specify the number of entries (quantity) you would like to submit.

Do I have to own a shop to add it?

Anyone can add an online store to, not just shop owners. If you love shopping at a certain online store and want to share it, that's perfectly fine.

Can I add any online shop?

You can add practically any online store you like so long as it meets's three simple website submission requirements:

1. It must be the home page with a unique URL (e.g. not - users want to see nice, professional stores and these typically have their own websites.

2. It must be a genuine online store, that is, customers must be able to actually buy something on the site (even if they cannot technically ship to their location) rather than just read store or product information.

3. It cannot contain any profanity, malicious software or any content that is illegal or age-restricted in your jurisdiction and must not sell any products or services unsuitable for sale to, or viewing by, minors. This includes pornography or erotic accessories, casino services, alcoholic drinks, tobacco goods, firearms or ammunition, live animals, political merchandise, occult items, pharmaceuticals or supplements and drug paraphenalia.

Finally, while all shops that meet these criteria are eligible to be added to's list, it is worth noting that sites selling a limited product range tend to fare much better than those selling a wide range of products. This is because users are generally looking for more specific ideas of things to buy. If you are a niche shop you'll be a great fit for but if not, think about adding specific domain name sites for individual product ranges.

Are there any technical requirements to add a website?

It is important to check that the online shopping website which is going to be added to's list can be redirected through JavaScript (i.e. it doesn't have security settings that prevent a redirect). This helps ensure all browsers can display the page that eventually selects. Generally, most shopping sites work fine in all major browsers but it is useful to check so that as many people as possible can discover your online shop.

Why do I not get taken to a shop when I click the appropriate button?

When you click Take me to a shop on the homepage a randomly selected online shop should automatically open in either a new tab or window (depending on your browser). If it does not, it may be because JavaScript is not enabled in your browser. Most modern browsers have JavaScript enabled by default but if you are running an older browser you may need to select Allow blocked content whenever you are prompted or otherwise enable JavaScript to run so that can work.

Alternatively, it may be that is actually loading new shops in the previously opened tab or window if it was not closed after the previous shop selection. In most browsers, loads new shops in the same tab or window if it is not closed prior to clicking Take me to a shop again. This helps ensure that your browser or desktop remains uncluttered. If you do not want to lose track of a shop when a new one loads in its place because you wish to return to it later, it is recommended that you first bookmark the site before you close it. This also means that if you want to shop there again in the future but cannot remember the exact name or URL it is easy to locate it.

How can I contact the team?

Please do first check to see if your question has already been answered above. If not, feel free to send an e-mail to



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